Green Mart Hemp is committed to producing the highest quality Colorado grown hemp available. Our farm in the foothills of the world famous Rocky Mountains and the iconic Pikes Peak is cared for meticulously by our experienced staff. Our genetics are selected for optimal production of a broad spectrum of phytocannabinoids. Nourished by the mountain sun our hemp strains grow vigorously and beautifully. The phytocannabinoids are extracted with grain alcohol only and processed into products using only expertly sourced all natural ingredients. Because we control all aspects of cultivation and production we can confidently guarantee only the highest quality hemp products and brands. Like Pikes Peak we continuously strive to be the apex of hemp cultivation and processing!


Every one of our hemp plants starts from our exceptionally well cared for mothers from which we take our tissue cultures. This process allows us to maintain genetic uniformity for our operation. Our staff cares for clones until they are ready to be planted in full view of the gorgeous Pikes Peak. We take excellent care of all our plants and continuously monitor their health in order to bring the best products we can to the consumer. Fed by Rocky Mountain water and sun our crop produces a premium blend of phytocannabinoids which we extract using only food grade grain ethanol.

Extraction and Processing

Our processing and extraction staff is committed to using only pure 100% food grain ethanol to extract the full spectrum of phytocannabinoids and terpenoids present in our expertly grown hemp. By refining and innovating existing extraction methods we are creating our own proprietary methods for bringing high quality products to the consumer.

Team Members

Our team has experience in the fields of construction, development, science, agriculture, product development, and marketing. Together we strive to bring only the highest quality hemp products to market. With such a range of talents and expertise we are able to continuously innovate and market creative high quality products. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in terms of consumer safety. Our products are tested by state certified labs and guaranteed to meet the most stringent standards.